Suzannah ‘Zanna’ Yardas, is the owner and principal licensed massage therapist of Zenjoy Living and Georgetown Wellness and Massage Therapy in Washington DC. A graduate of The Potomac Massage Training Institute,...


Zenjoy Living Massage

Resilience for Body Mind & Soul

My name is Suzannah Z. Yardas, Licensed Massage Therapist

As your massage therapist it is my intention to create an open, safe and grounding space for your wellbeing. It is my privilege to offer you the highest quality therapeutic massage, energy system balancing, mindfulness coaching and intuitive consultation for your wellbeing.

Each healing session is unique and often a natural transformation takes place as the body, mind and spirit unite in releasing stress and tension.  In the open space of the session, a natural ease is awakened that will lead you to a profound and lasting sense of physical and mental wellbeing. With practice, such shifts and opening can extend beyond oneself, causing a positive ripple effect in your life, at home, in the work place and to the larger communities in which we live.  

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